Medlior insights from 2018 in the world of health outcomes research
December 19, 2018

Medlior’s Top Insights from 2018

Looking back at 2018 through the world of health outcomes research.

2018 has been a fantastic year, we’ve seen some amazing biotech innovations and breakthroughs in many areas of clinical research. The Medlior team is interested to see how these advancements will affect the future of medicine and patient care. Take a look at our top insights from 2018:

  1. An increasing number of new medicines in rare diseases seeking reimbursement – are current value assessment frameworks suited for these populations?
  2. Innovative medicines, such as CAR-T, are going to be disruptive and require significant investment and engagement from the health system to implement.
  3. Precision Medicine is now turning to Precision Oncology with the evolution of tissue-agnostic therapies requiring genomic sequencing to identify patients who will benefit – but can the health system provide large-scale genomic testing?
  4. Regulatory and HTA bodies around the world are exploring alignment to allow for earlier access to novel therapies and promote innovation.
  5. Regulatory and HTA bodies are looking to RWE to address uncertainty from clinical trial data but standardized criteria for decision-ready RWE do not exist.
  6. Increasing volume of studies are utilizing electronic health record data but currently, there are no reporting standards for RWE studies for peer-review publication or quality appraisal tools.
  7. Potential for the industry to utilize Patient Support Programs and smartphone apps to gather patient-generated RWE to collect clinical data not captured through routine practice.
  8. Patient-generated data will become the new driver for RWE, with community-based sources gaining more traction.

That’s 2018 at a glance! We’re working on our predictions for 2019. Connect with us on LinkedIn and let us know what you think!