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Your project deserves the attention of an experienced researcher. The Medlior team includes professionals from a variety of backgrounds, working in multidisciplinary teams, enabling our experts to offer valuable insights to your project. Through client and provider collaboration, robust scientific methods, and insightful analytics, Medlior delivers accurate and meaningful evidence to inform your research queries while working within your timeframe and budget.

Real World Solutions
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Real World Solutions

As an independent research organization, Medlior can request de-identified patient data (real world data) from provincial health systems. Our team has the advantage of direct experience working with real world data from Alberta’s health system. Real World Evidence projects can be designed to provide researchers with a broader, more diverse patient population over longer study periods, giving researchers the opportunity to use insights to complement current clinical trial evidence.

  • We keep you strategic – by developing a focused research study protocol
  • We provide expertise – by managing ethics approval and research agreements
  • We keep you precise – by conducting complex data linkages and analysis
  • We deliver results – with reports and dissemination plans that suit your needs
Statistical Analyses
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Statistical Analyses

Our range of analytical services are performed by our team of highly skilled biostatisticians and epidemiologists, who bring with them years of experience. Medlior will work diligently to establish a clear analytical plan, making sure that your questions are answered clearly and completely. Medlior researchers are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to fully support your individual analytical needs for each research project.

  • We keep you strategic – by developing customized analytical plans
  • We keep you robust – with rigorous data cleaning/verification
  • We keep you precise – by executing advanced statistical analyses:
    • Data linkages across multiple sources
    • Descriptive and complex statistics
    • Randomized controlled trial analysis
    • Quantitative synthesis of literature (e.g. pair-wise comparisons or network meta-analyses)
  • We save you time – by tailoring our projects to meet your timelines and budget
  • We add value – with clinically meaningful and accurate reporting
Health Technology Assessment
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Health Technology Assessment

We offer superior support for health technology submissions at a cost-effective rate in both Canada and the UK. Medlior brings expertise in preparing submissions for NICE, the SMC and CADTH.

In preparing submission packages, we team up with our Strategic Partners to provide services that include:

Medlior’s commitment to client-focused project management and the delivery of results are reflected in our final products.

  • We deliver expertise – by developing the value story
  • We save you time – by customizing our work to meet your needs
  • We add value – with clinically meaningful and accurate reporting
  • We keep you precise – by preparing your evidence submission
    • Systematic review and network meta-analysis
    • Development of an economic model
    • Company Evidence Submission (NICE) or New Product Assessment Form (SMC)
    • Post-submission support
Economic Evaluation
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Economic Evaluation

Medlior employs a team of health economists and industry experts, ready to work with you to develop the most suitable model to answer your research questions. Medlior also maintains valuable working relationships with our Strategic Partners to ensure that we have the top experts from relevant fields to provide your project the insight it deserves.

  • We bring our insights – by adapting global models to meet payer needs
  • We keep you informed – with landscape studies to identify key inputs for models
  • We keep you regional – with Canadian- and UK-specific budget impact models
  • We advise – by offering strategic consulting to inform reimbursement submissions
Literature Reviews
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Literature Reviews

At Medlior, we pair our clinical experience from a variety of therapeutic areas along with methodological expertise in literature reviews. Whether it be informing a Health Technology Assessment, developing a Global Value Dossier, or producing a stand-alone publication, the Medlior team is experienced in completing scoping reviews, rapid reviews and robust systematic reviews utilizing established Cochrane Collaboration methodology.

  • We provide our insight – by developing rigorous study protocols
  • We keep you structured – by executing reproducible search strategies
  • We deliver expertise – by selecting, appraising and extracting the right evidence
  • We provide analytics – by utilizing meta- or network meta-analysis (when appropriate)
  • We deliver solutions – with meaningful and accurate reporting to inform your decisions
Environmental Scans
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Environmental Scans

We use online searches to compile evidence and information on a variety of health topics, from sources such as governmental reports, health technology assessments, clinical guidelines, and policy documents from professional organizations or associations. When appropriate, these online searches may be paired with interviews or focus groups to collect perspectives from key opinion leaders or other stakeholders. Medlior will work diligently to make sure that you are provided with a complete summary and a comprehensive understanding of your research topic.

  • We deliver solutions – by establishing research questions and search strategies
  • We save you time – by tailoring our proposals to meet your needs and objectives
  • We keep you concise – with meaningful synthesis and interpretation of the evidence
Medical Writing
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Medical Writing

Medlior’s team of medical writers have a proven track record demonstrated by an extensive list of peer-review and conference publications. Our team will work diligently and communicate clearly to ensure meaningful interpretations and clear knowledge translation. We follow a variety of writing styles, including but not limited to: APA Style Guide, Canadian Style Guide, and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Guidelines.


  • We deliver support – by compiling your evidence dossiers for reimbursement activities
  • We save you time – by tailoring our proposals to meet your needs and objectives
  • We keep you accurate – with expert editing (including fact-checking)

How Can We Help

Our team is comprised of carefully selected professionals who work in their field of expertise guaranteeing that no matter which service you require, you will be working with an expert. Through comprehensive processes, access to specialized research tools, and precise methodology, our experienced specialists bring value to every project. From consultation to completion, whatever your research questions are, they will be answered and explained clearly and concisely.