Digital Technologies & Patients
May 11, 2018

Digital technologies have not only improved the health care system and delivery of care, but they have also revolutionized the way that patients can track and manage their own health:

  • Wearable technology has advanced from old school pedometers to digital devices. Today, there are a number of wearable devices on the market that track a variety of outcomes, including heart rate, steps, food, and sleep. By tracking these outcomes individuals can set goals to improve their outcomes.
  • Health Apps – There are a variety of health-oriented apps available for smartphones. Patients can download apps with a variety of functions, from tracking caloric information and activity to fitness, food and nutrition coaching, to activities for mind and brain health and activity, to improving and measuring overall health and productivity.

The next wave of the digital tech revolution will be the sharing and integration of this data into electronic health records to inform treatment planning with providers and to inform public health planning and prevention strategies.